Hi friends!
I'm back again! What did I tell you about getting ready for some #holidayposts?!
I'm currently searching for the perfect gifts for my friends and family for the holidays.
I should be studying for finals but, obviously this is more important, right?!

Hoping for gifts during the holidays can be so stressful.
I remember the days when all of my worries were what I was going to put on my list for Santa.
Now, I feel like it's a battle of "what can I get this person that they will actually like and/or use."
If you're like me, then you worry about gifting items to people that they will actually LOVE and definitely not expect. 
I love gifting sentimental gifts that are timeless. Today's post is in partnership with JORD watches & it's just in time for the holidays! I was so excited when they reached out to me because I think that a watch is the perfect gift for someone special! 
These watches are so different from other watches because they are made out of wood. 
The watch that I am wearing is the "cassia" series. I love the big face and gold accents on the watch. 
I've worn it a few times and it seriously goes with everything!
I got so many compliments while wearing it! 
There are many different colors to choose from. It was personally hard to choose between the black one that I got and a different pink one! 
anyways, enough of me chatting.. onto the good stuff! 
If you click the link below you will be redirected to a page with an instant coupon code! The link expires on December 15! Merry Christmas to you all ;) 
see their site here- Jord  

Welp, that's it for today gals!
Wishing all of you a productive week! 
Talk soon babes! xoxo! 
with love, 
Wooden Wrist Watch


  1. You're so pretty! Love the watch! Hope you have a good festive holiday!


  2. The watch is super cute. I love how you paired it with your outfit!

  3. LOVE the way you styled this watch!
    I've seen Jord watches before and I always think og my watch as a statement piece, felt a wood watch might not stand out as much but you've shown that it can!
    Tisha x

  4. I have been admiring Jord watches for awhile.. I really like that they are made of wood and are incredibly beautiful to look at. I hope watches never go out of style (because of checking the time on our smartphone) because these are too beautiful to disappear!

  5. I love my Jord watch! Such unique pieces they’re all so beautiful! You look gorgeous by the way! (:

  6. I love my Jord watch! You styled yours so beautifully.

  7. Christmas shopping...it's fun, but I'm with you, I want to get gifts that are meaningful to people. It's so interesting that the watch is made of wood...I'll have to check it out!

  8. you look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! XO

  9. I loved your coat and you looked gorge in your pix. I want a furry coat too as it is getting colder where I live. I hope you enjoy the rest of the year!