Hellooooo friends!
Long time, no see.
These past few months have been very busy for me.
If you read my posts from the summer, then you would know that I decided to take on a lot this semester.
Classes are starting to wind down and finals are next week!!... ahhh thank god. 
I learned a lot about myself this semester.
Most importantly, I learned that you can't do everything- and that's okay. 
Taking six classes while maintaining a job and internship has been very hard.
Unfortunately, I had to take time to myself and stop blogging for a little so that I could make sure that I put school first.
But..... i'm back & i'm so excited!! eek!!
I only want to create quality content that makes me and whoever looks at my blog happy!
I'm feeling oh so inspired + ready to start posting consistently again.
Just in time for the holidays! yay!
Get ready for some cuuuute holiday posts!!
it's starting to get cold in Texas.. finally! lol!
talk soon babes!
with love, 

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  1. Welcome back and you're absolutely right - we can't do it all! Cheers to prioritizing, refocusing, and coming back inspired. XO