hello my people!!!
It's been WAY too long since i've written a post and i'm finally back!
Ever since school started I have been so busy.
I have already had one mental breakdown due to the amount of work in my classes this semester.
shocker right?!
Why was I under the impression that college get's easier the older you get?
I was SO wrong.
I've been trying to figure out my schedule with work, school and everything else for a few weeks now.
If you know me, then you know that I am a huge perfectionist and have to feel comfortable with my schedule to function through out the week.
I often get so caught up in what's my next move or planning ahead in the future that I forget to enjoy the moment today.
This post is more of an #inspo post because who doesn't need a little hump day inspo?!
Last year, I learned an important lesson that changed my life forever:
Listen to your heart and focus on yourself.. I know it sounds super selfish, but i've learned that in reality people don't really care what you're doing. Most people really only care about themselves, so you should too!
There is nothing wrong with focusing on bettering yourself and your life! The people that should really be in your life will stay and grow with you and the ones who are there for no reason will go.   ... and that's okay because who wants negative people in their life anyways?!
This year I vow to work on myself, for myself, by myself!
... What's the saying?
Be Humble. Work hard. Be Kind.
*(thank you to my fabulous spin instructor that reminds me of that every day!)

That's it for today gals! Take this as a reminder to be a little selfish and work on yourself. Also, take a second to be grateful for the people around you! Make sure you surround yourself with only the best of the best!
Feeling so grateful and hopeful for what's to come!
Get yourself a pumpkin spice latte & throw your hair in a messy bun.. cause its Wednesdaaaay!
Talk soon babes!!

with love,
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  1. Lovely post doll xx

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  2. "You do you" Yes girl! Love it!