Hi gals!
How is it already August?!
Where is time going?!
It feels like just yesterday I was in Austin with some of my closest friends enjoying nothing but good music and their company!
It's literally been 3 weeks since then...
I want this post to be more of a conversation/ chit-chat! As much as I love sitting down and writing about my favorite sneakers or the softest tee shirt ever, I love connecting with people and want my blog to be comfortable corner where I can express myself however I want.
basically, I want to be more transparent and grow into who I am meant to be! Who doesn't love a little life talk with friends every now and then anyways?!
Grab a latte and get comfy cause it's time to catch up on life with each other!
These last few weeks have been weird.
Summer is sadly coming to an end and i've been in this weird phase of feeling like i'm waiting for that "next step" in my life. this summer has been SO great. I really needed a break from school to reflect and take some time to work on myself and my goals.
As each day passes by I get more and more eager for what's to come this fall. I'm not sure if i'm feeling excitement to start this next semester or wanting to get it over with already since I have some big dreams and plans next spring and summer. Whatever the reason I have this feeling is, it's keeping me from living my life and enjoying everything in the moment.
I've noticed something in my life.
I'm often times so focused on the end goal and having that happy ending that I forget to enjoy what's going on around me in the moment right now. It's so hard to realize, but it's the experience of how you got to that happy ending that shapes you not the end goal. The instant gratification of our society today has us thinking that we have to know the ending and we have to know it right now to feel complete.
Remember that old saying? .. "Stop and smell the roses?"
This is a reminder to stop and smell the dang roses!!
Last Saturday I had so many fun things planned for a fun day with G in Dallas.
We woke up to find out that one of our plans was just not going to happen at all and decided to just go with the flow. We ended up actually not doing anything that I had planned (some of it kind of important), but I had such a fun day with him!
Not everything goes as planned.
& That's okay.
Some of the best moments are the ones that we least expect to be good.
Here's to the beginning of living in the moment and enjoying every minute of it!
I encourage you to find ways to appreciate the experiences that are shaping you rather than relying on that happy ending to make you feel complete!
Go get yourself some roses from Trader Joe's (they have the best flowers I swear), drink a kombucha and watch a funny movie because you deserve it babe!
Talk so sooooooon!
with love,

P.S.- This romper that I'm wearing is from the LF Sale, which is going on right now!! So go look at the closest LF to you ;) .... You don't want to miss it !


  1. Love the romper and your site! The splashes of pink. xx www.ChristieKu.com

  2. I love this. What a great motivation (:

  3. What a lovely piece and totally crushing on the romper.

  4. always make time to stop and smell the roses :)

  5. OMG i love your outfit, that romper is great