Hellloooo my peoples!
What's new?!
I've been in this weird world of sorority work week and recruitment for two weeks now.
Bid day is Sunday!
Being in a house for two weeks with 200 plus girls definitely has you feelin' some type a way.
As much as I love my sorority and the girls in it, i'm ready to have my normal life back again.
Basicaaaaallllly, I'm feeling super excited to finally have time to write this weeks post!
We all know I'm not a huge makeup-guru, but that doesn't mean that I don't wish I was.
Most of the time I don't wear a lot of makeup and I definitely don't spend a lot of time on it every day either.
But, we all have those days where we want to look as glam as a Kardashian... or at least I do!
Today, i'm probably going to change your life.
Well, eyeshadow wise at least.
I love love love watching Youtube videos and trying to recreate beautiful looks that I could never think of myself!
A few weeks ago I got this beautiful Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic palette in the mail and fell in love! It is Marc Jacobs Beauty newest launch and opened to the public on July 8 of this year! So it's super new.
The hues and tones in this palette are so girly and flirty, perfect for a cute date night out with your #bae or brunchin' with the girls.
I definitely am not one to use bright pink shadows because that shade is a little out of my comfort zone, but after using a few ultra bright pinks I seriously love the way they look! 
Now, let's jump right into this!
How to get my look:
After applying foundation and primer for my eyelids, I dusted "otherwise" (the middle shade) all over my lid from the lash line to my eyebrows.
after, I used the shade "in bed" (last shade to the right) and swept it across my outer corner crease all the way through to the crease of my inner corner.
I then blended the colors in the crease to make the look have a natural yet smokey feel to it.
The last shade I used is "you might" from the inner corner to middle of the lid to add a little sparkle and sass to the look.
Because, who doesn't want to look (or at least think they look) like Kim K when they're going out for date night!
The look is super effortless and flirty.
Love it.
To finish the rest of my look I filled in my brows, added a super girly blush, mauve colored lipstick and I was out the door!
Do any of y'all have holy grail makeup products?! Let me know on the comments or on my latest Instagram picture! I LOVE trying out new products!
I think this new Marc Jacobs palette has become one of my new go-to palettes for special events!
Here's to me trying to be the makeup guru that I'm not.
A girl can dream, right?!
and who know's. Maybe one day I will become the makeup-guru that I dream to be!
Anyways, go get yourself this amazing eye shadow palette, take a spin class and treat yourself to a nice mani/pedi cause you deserve it!
Talk so soon my friends!
with love, 
p.s.- My top is from the LF sale! Seriously go check it out!!!

*Thank you Marc Jacobs Beauty and Influenster for the most iconic eye shadow palette ever :)

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