Hey babes!
eeeeek i'm back!!
I'm so excited because today is.... my ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY!!!
HBD to my blog with love, ash!
As you can see, I changed the name from "Ashton Guevara" to "with love, ash."
I've always wanted a cute name, but couldn't think of the right one! I woke up the other day and had the perfect idea!
... Kind of like one of those "aha!" moments when the lightbulb above your head goes off... you know what I mean right?!
I hope you love the new name just as much as I do!
With a new name comes a new year and new ideas!!!
It's crazy what a year can do, right?!
I've learned so much throughout this year of blogging and i've met the most amazing people that have the same interests as me!
Some of this years highlights are going to the Pink Nation Motel, working with some great brands and becoming a member of rewardStyle!
Blogging has shown me so much about myself! I love creating content and expressing myself in my own ways! I've taken this blog and made it my own!
I'm a firm believer in dreaming big and doing what you love.
Sometimes I get questions about how I started my blog and my best advice is.. just start!
You have to start somewhere, so you might as well start now! Why wait...?
Nothing worth having comes easy and if there is one thing that i've learned this year it's..
I think the key to a fulfilled life is to do what you love, be happy and stay true to yourself while you're doing it!
Putting yourself out there can be very scary.
When you open up to someone or something, you open up a piece of yourself. Almost like giving that person the key to your heart. They have the power to open the lock and hurt you at any moment, but they also have the power to open the lock and give you love and support. Many people hide the keys to their hearts far away and out of sight in fear of getting too hurt. Yet, the ones who are vulnerable and courageous decide to hand over the key to the ones they love creating a fulfilled life full of love and light.
Don't hide your key babe.
start living your day dream!
Life can be so exciting and full if you let it!
Cheers to another year of doing what I love and having SO much fun while doing it!
I hope you can find your spark too!
Go buy yourself a latte and chase your dreams because you deserve it babe!
Talk very soon!
with love, 


  1. Finding the right name for your blog is the hardest part of blogging! Happy birthday to your blog!

    1. Yes I totally agree! It took me a whole year haha and thank you so much! I've lived every second of this journey so far!

  2. Love the new name! And this post. I totally agree about starting somewhere. Congrats on your one year!

    1. Thank you! And yes! It's so hard, but starting is the first step in everything! I'm so glad I took the step to start a year ago! Thank you for reading!

  3. Love the name change! Totally agree with this post...it's hard to make a big change sometimes, but it's SO worth it! Found your blog through the TSC fb group 💕

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you stopped by and read my post! It was my best decision ever to start blogging! Have an amazing week love!

  4. You are the cutest! I'm obsessed with your outfit!

    1. Thank you so much!! Have a great weekend love!