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I'm pretty excited because today i'm going on a little weekend getaway to Austin, Texas!
I love love love LOVE to travel and definitely am in need of a fun little escape out of Dallas! I've traveled a few times this summer and definitely think that I have a few travel must have's down!
I think that it's important to keep a few things with you that will help you feel relaxed, refreshed and confident when you have a long flight or road trip ahead!
Here are my eight must have essentials that will make traveling easier!

1) Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray- I absolutely love this rose water spray! Whenever your skin feels dull or tired you can just pop out your rose water spray and keep your skin looking/ feeling refreshed and hydrated!

2) Makeup Wipes- I love using makeup wipes because they are so travel friendly and are easy to pull out whenever you need to easily remove makeup and keep a fresh face! Perfect for keeping your skin healthy and preventing any break outs from popping up! woohoo!

3) Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask- OBSESSED with this lip mask! I love keeping my lips hydrated and soft. This lip mask can make my lips go from dry to soft in just seconds! Seriously, there's not a better feeling than having velvety lips... mmm! Also, even better this lip mask comes in a few different shades. My favorite for summer is the champagne one!

4) Lightweight Bomber- Okay so this one isn't for everyone in the summer, but if you're like me then you're always cold! So, I suggest taking a cute and comfy lightweight bomber with you! Nothing better than having something to keep you warm and look make your outfit look super cool at the same time!

5) Baseball Cap- Okay, so we've all had our fair share of bad hair days and especially after a long day of traveling you might want to just throw your hair in a low pony and throw a cute little baseball cap on! This definitely has saved me when I was feeling gross and didn't know what to do with my hair at the end of my travel day! I love a nice baseball cap and think that a cute one can really enhance the look of an outfit!

6) Cute and Comfy Sneakers- A MUST HAVE for me anytime that I travel! I love sneakers that look cute with any outfit (#PackingHack). Also, sometimes when traveling you end up walking a lot so some comfy sneakers are the perfect way to go!

7) Portable Charger- ESSENTIAL! I am always on my phone and run out of battery soooo much! Carrying a back up charger has saved me a few times since there isn't always an outlet available in the car or at the airport!

8) Planner or Notebook- Okay, again not for everyone, but I think having a planner and/or notebook with you at all times is so important! I love planning and definitely come up with the best ideas when i'm in the car or on a plane listening to music! I love writing down my thoughts so I always carry my planner and notebook with me everywhere I go!

I hope you're having the best summer ever and traveling as much as you can!
Talk very soon babes!
with love,

P.S.- If you noticed the new blog name then welcome back! I will talk about the story behind the new name in the next post! I hope you love it just as much as me! 


  1. Loved this! Will have to check out the rose water spray.

    1. The rose water spray is my fave product of all time!! You will love it! It's so hydrating and refreshing!

  2. Need to try that lip mask! Great travel list! Thanks for sharing 💗

    1. Yes! The lip mask is amazing! You will love it! Thanks for reading!

  3. Such a great list!! Love Mario Badescu!

    1. Me too! Isn't it just the best!! The rose water spray is my all time fave product ever!

  4. Oooo totally interested in the milk things. Just bought some of their stuff the other day. Also love that bag. So perfect as a carry on

    1. Thanks for reading love! The bag can carry SO much! I would definitely rec omens as a carry on! Have an amazing week!

  5. That Mario Badescu rose water spray is the best!!