Hi friends! I'm back again with another style post this week because who doesn't love a good style post?
I'm writing this post while packing for my trip to Vegas! I leave on Thursday and I have some really fun things planned that I can't wait to share with y'all! I'm currently enjoying another day to myself, sitting out by the pool and blogging. I've been learning how important it is to take care of yourself and relax a little. I'm one of those people that loves to bite off more than I can chew and this summer I definitely took on a lot of different tasks. I thrive off of staying busy and productive though, so i'm enjoying my time being busy. I wouldn't want to sit around bored all day with nothing to do. I've been feeling this weird sensation of being more and more "grown-up" as each month passes by and it's a really good but scary feeling. I've been learning to trust my intuition more and more each day and i'm trying to work on letting myself fall full-heartedly rather than being scared and thinking that my inner goddess gave me the wrong exit. I'm a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason" and I'm so excited to see where this road of life that i'm on takes me! I try to choose love over fear any day and you should too! I've watched so many people be so hard on themselves, when in reality they're amazing and doing their best. Take a second to relax and just live in the moment because you are amazing and capable of whatever you dream of!
... wow that got a little deep..
moving on to other things,
This week I teamed up with Tobi to bring you a super effortless summer look! As I said in my last post , i've been loving stripes lately so I (of course) am still rocking them! I mean it's only been a week, so I would hope that i'm not already over them... haha! I've always been a little scared of t-shirt dresses because my legs are on the longer side and usually t-shirt dresses are too short for me. I was really excited when this dress from Tobi fit me at a comfortable length! I love this t-shirt dress because it's not your typical t-shirt dress and looks a little more chic and put together. The stripes really add a lot to the look and I feel like this outfit looks like there was a lot put into it, when in reality it was super easy to put together! I paired some super cute golden sneakers from Zara and my taupe Rebecca-Minkoff with the dress to give it a little more color other than black or white. I love mixing neutrals and I think taupe goes with anything! For accessories, I wore a grey stone choker from LoJewels to complete the look and stick with the "mixing neutrals" theme. This outfit was so easy and fun to wear and I'm so thankful to Tobi for bringing this t-shirt dress into my life!
I hope you have an amazing week! Take some time to yourself and follow your inner goddess's intuition because she knows what's best for you! Subscribe if you love #styleposts. Talk very soon babes!!

P.S.- This weekend is going to be killer so follow along on Snapchat: @ASHTONGUEVARA or Instagram-stories: @ASHTONGUEVARA (shameless self-promo).. What are y'all up to babes?

.. A reminder to stop and smell the roses :)
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