Happy Friday Y'all!
I've been back from my trip to Vegas for a few days now and i'm currently in that "i'm just going to see how long I can pretend my trip isn't over and not go back to reality" phase. It's honestly so hard to go back to your routine after you get back from a trip. I had such a great time and i'm already planning my trip to EDC Vegas again next year-lol! It was honestly so hot in Vegas.. I'm talking 120 degrees hot. So, i'm super glad to be back home in the (not so hot) Texas heat.
I was lucky enough to meet a fellow #bloggerbabe and #styleguru (@biancancanales) and explore different parts of Vegas! She took me to Fremont Street in the arts district which is super weird and cool to walk around. There are so many walls, statues and pieces of art all over... honestly the Instagram obsessed girls dream! So, I of course have another style post again this week. I mean what's the saying... "another day, another outfit." yeah... I've been really loving styling different pieces lately and I loved this outfit so much because it was so comfortable to wear and walk around in even in the Vegas heat! Band tee's are SO cute and casual! I feel like they make any outfit appear more put together and edgy! You're totally just wearing a normal t-shirt, but your look is so much cuter because you're wearing a band tee! I love how easy it is to just "throw one on and go" and still look so cute! I paired my band tee with a denim mini skirt from Free People. I love this skirt because of the fraying at the bottom of it. I'm a sucker for anything with fringe or fraying, so I had to get this skirt when I saw it. Denim skirts are also sooo easy to wear because they go with literally everything! You can dress them up or down and know that they will look good! Definitely one of the holy grail items in my closet! My favorite thing about this look is the contrasting feminine and masculine pieces. It's a little edgy. It's a little polished.
But, it's still super simple and easy to recreate!
I love this look for a casual day out & about.
Such an easy look to put together, but it looks like you really put some effort into it, thats the goal. Right?
Anyways, I'm back at my internship and working at Free People! If you need me, i'll be pretending that i'm still in Vegas for the next few days! I'll be seeing one of my favorite dj's, Audien, in concert on Saturday night (because I just can't get enough) and then I plan on taking all day Sunday to relax and recharge because we all know how much I love to treat myself to lazy days like that!
Talk soon!
Have an amazing week babes!
Treat yourself to a cute & casual day out in a super fab band tee because you deserve it!


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  1. You're so pretty! Love this outfit so much 😍

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip hun! Cute look

    Xo http://breakfastattiffanymaries.com/

    1. ah I did! it was so fun! and thanks girly!

  3. That wall is so cool! And love the t shirt!

    1. Thanks Sophie! The wall is in the arts district in downtown Las Vegas! I thought it was so cool to walk around! Definitely a place to explore if you ever go to Vegas!