Hi friends! I wanted to get a little more personal with this weeks post and update you on my life at the moment! I want my blog to be a safe place of comfort and creativity! I have found a huge passion in blogging and creating content. I want to make sure that my blog stays true to me and what I love. Anyways, I finished my sophomore year of college at Texas Christian University a few days ago. I learned so much this year about myself and what I want in life. After going through the stress of finals and moving out, I realized how much I love TCU and how lucky I am to be able to attend my dream school. It's easy to complain and get used to your everyday routine. I often found myself wishing and dreaming of school ending, but when it actually ended I was far from ready to leave. Sophomore year taught me so much. I learned how much I love to work hard and hustle. I feel like what you do in college says a lot about your future. I thrive when I'm super busy and I feel like this year I kept myself busy all the time. I got a job at Free People, babysat around Fort Worth and maintained my blog (...or at least tried too- ha!). Another thing that I learned about myself this year was how important it is to actually like your major. I was so confused on what I wanted to study when I was a freshman. After taking accounting this past semester, I realized that I could never be a business major. Nothing against business majors or accounting, but I found it to be so boring and I'm so glad that I chose fashion merchandising as my major because I actually enjoy going to class. This year I also learned that you need to surround yourself with people that lift you up and encourage you to be the best that you can be. I feel like people are really starting to grow up a lot more in their second year of college and it's important to find the people that will help you grow along with them. Sophomore year was a super important year of personal and spiritual growth for me. I realized that sometimes you just need some time to yourself and that is okay. It's important to take time alone and recenter yourself. It's hard to get away from everything that's going on around you in college, but you need to take some time to take a breath and relax. I definitely miss waking up at TCU and in Fort Worth, but I am enjoying my summer break so much! I definitely needed a break from all of the school work! This summer I have a lot of hopes and dreams to grow my blog and continue to better myself!
and now for the fun part....
I am extremely lucky and so excited to announce that I will be going to California with some of my fellow College Fashionista style gurus to attend the VS Pink Nation Motel! The motel is the theme for the trip that VS Pink is putting on! I was told to pack a few things, but the rest is a surprise! I will be there over the weekend and I can't wait to be surrounded by a bunch of girls that have the same interests as me! I am so thankful to VS Pink and College Fashionista for giving me this opportunity! I can't wait to share all of the amazing memories and outfits that I have while there!
Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you have an amazing week! Go get yourself some candles and chocolate and make some "me-time" for yourself! Self love and self care are super important! Pamper yourself girl cause you deserve it!

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