Hi friends! This past week has been super busy for me! I got home from a super fun trip with VS Pink on Sunday night and then started my internship in Fort Worth Monday morning. I'm glad that I finally have some down time to relax, blog and enjoy some major "me-time."
... Now to talk about something a little more interesting! I was invited by College Fashionista and Victoria's Secret Pink to fly to California and attend the Pink Nation Motel! Before going on the trip, every detail was a complete secret for me and all that I knew was that I would be flying into Los Angeles. I hopped on a plane from Dallas to LAX and then took the Pink bus on a road trip to Palm Springs! We stayed at a super cute boutique hotel called The V Palm Springs and it was VS Pink-ed out! There were so many cute photo-op locations around the hotel and everything was decorated super girly and fun! I got to meet 14 other style gurus that were chosen to go on the trip and a few VS Pink campus reps and stylists from all over the country! It was so nice to be surrounded by girls that have the same likes and interests as me! We took so many pictures and everyone bonded so fast! I am forever thankful that I got to meet so many inspiring and hardworking girls on such an amazing trip! I got the chance to choose between a hike, gondola ride or ATV ride and I chose the hike (of course)- haha! We went through the Tahquitz Peak hiking trail and it was so beautiful, but also so hot since it's already May and we were in the desert. Right after that we went to a pool party that Pink threw for us. I got to layout by the pool, get my hair done by The Beach Waivers hair company, drink super yummy "mocktails", and meet Grace Elizabeth (the new face of VS Pink)! As you can imagine, Grace Elizabeth was so pretty in person, I swear her skin was glowing from within!! She was so sweet to everyone there and is for sure my new #girlcrush! Later that day, VS Pink took all of us out to dinner at LULU in downtown Palm Springs. I got to mingle with Grace Elizabeth a little more there and also eat an amazing meal! After dinner, all of the girls broke up into teams and we did a scavenger hunt around downtown Palm Springs. My team sadly did not even get close to winning, but we tried our hardest and that's all that matters... right? (lol). The next day we woke up and did an amazing work out that involved a hoola hoop and dance instructor. I actually never knew how hard it would be to hula hoop and dance at the same time. After that, we had the most amazing brunch/meal I will probably ever have because it had a "create your own acai bowl" stand catered by AmazeBowls. I honestly did not think that I liked acai bowls until I had one from AmazeBowls. I actually had two because they were so good and refreshing! If you ever get the chance to try AmazeBowls, then you have to! I promise it's so good and I still think about how good those bowls were! My weekend getaway was sadly over at this point because it was time to road trip back to LA and go home to Dallas. I'm so thankful that VS Pink and College Fashionista gave me the opportunity to experience such an amazing trip and meet so many amazing people! Life can be amazing if you let it! I am currently pretending that I'm still in Palm Springs with my #gurugang and the VS Pink crew! For now, I'll just have to keep looking at pictures and drinking my own "mocktails" by my pool- haha! It was definitely the experience of a lifetime and I will never forget it!
Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have an amazing week! Go get yourself a mocktail and layout by the pool because it's a long weekend and you deserve it!! Treat yourself girly!
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AmazeBwols website- here //

*Linked Below are a few of my favorite travel pieces that I took on my trip :)

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