Festival Lookbook 

Hi friends! This post is in honor of my favorite season of the year... festival season! This time of the year is so exciting to me! I love scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing all of the festival themed pictures. I love fashion because you can really express yourself through it and I feel like everyone has their own sense of style. I really love festival fashion because I feel like people forget boundaries/ social norms and express their true style through it. There are so many different festivals on my bucket list. There's no better feeling than the feeling you get when you're out of reality and at a festival. There are definitely different types of festivals with different vibes. For this post, I decided to  dress for a festival like Coachella with a bohemian-chic style to all of my outfits. I've never been to Coachella, but I look forward to all of the amazing outfits every year. The style at Coachella is my favorite style ever! If I ever go to Coachella I will probably spend a fortune on my outfits alone- haha! For makeup I love a simple and dewy look! I think simple hair and makeup with the main focus on the outfits is the perfect look for a festival!
For the first outfit, I am wearing a super loose top from LF. This top is great for a festival because its comfortable and flowy. Most festivals are during the day in hot temperatures so it's a good idea to dress appropriately and comfortably. The Shorts are from Altar'd State. These shorts go with everything and the pom-poms add a super cute and chic vibe!
For the second outfit, I am of course wearing Free People. The top is a super long top that I decided to tuck in. The shorts are simple light denim jean shorts from American Eagle. I used my favorite choker from Free People and cactus necklace from Stitch and Stone ATX to accessorize.
For the next outfit, I am wearing a super comfortable crop shirt from Brandy Melville and patterned shorts from Urban Outfitters. When going to a festival, it's important to make sure that you are going to be comfortable in what you're wearing. Simple cloth shorts are perfect for festivals because they are super comfortable and loose.
The last outfit of my look book is a super fun romper from LF! I've noticed that some people like to really dress up for festivals and I felt like this romper would be perfect to wear to Coachella or any festival like that! I think that the most important thing when picking out your outfits is if the outfit will be comfortable the whole time you're there. there is nothing worse than getting to a festival and feeling uncomfortable in what you're wearing... trust me, i've learned the hard way-haha! I hope that this post can help you or give you inspiration on what to wear to a festival! I am going back to EDC Vegas for the third time this year and I can't wait! Maybe I will do a festival look book in June for that festival! Thank you so much for reading!! I love festival season so much that I made a look book video on youtube! Scroll down to see it! Happy festival season babes!


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