First blog post of the year and I'm so excited to show this look with you! I felt like a total girl boss in this outfit! If you're looking for the "I'm wearing jeans... but I'm still slaying" look then keep reading!

With the start of a new year, there are feelings of new beginnings and fresh starts! There are some people whose goals are to go to the gym everyday or simply eat better. There are other people who are looking to become more motivated for everyday life, such as trying to be more excited to go to work everyday. There are also others, who are wanting a fresh start with almost everything- their wardrobes included! I love the idea of adding a faux fur coat to your wardrobe because they are such a statement piece. To some, faux fur could be something they would never wear- too risky.. But if you're looking to be ambitious, make a statement and have fun while doing it then go get yourself a faux fur coat!

If you look on Pinterest or Instagram, faux fur coats are all the craze this winter! From dreamy emerald greens to cotton candy mixed patterns, faux fur is every fashionistas go-to piece. What I love about this simple yet fun piece is how easy it is to wear! You can add faux fur to an already elegant outfit or wear it with jeans and a simple t-shirt and choker! Faux fur can be incorporated into any outfit!

With this outfit, I kept the look a little more casual with jeans, a simple white long sleeved t-shirt, and some over-the-knee boots! My faux fur coat is from Free People (because where else?- haha!). This is one of my favorite outfits that I have shot yet, because it really is so easy to achieve- all you really need is a faux fur coat! I wore my favorite Paige denim jeans (no surprise there) and a simple white long-sleeved shirt from Free People. I think a fun band t-shirt (like one- here) would look so cute and chic with a faux fur coat! For accessories, I chose to wear my pink jeweled choker from Free People, because if I get the chance to wear one, I will most likely take it!

A faux fur coat may seem like some-what of a commitment piece, but I can honestly say it's been one of my best purchases! If you like to rock a more simple wardrobe you could go for a simple black coat like this or pretty pink one like this, since black and pink are so easy to match! If you're looking for more of a statement and fun piece, go for a patterned one like this

I am so excited to keep sharing what I love with you this year! Please leave any questions, comments or concerns in the comments!
- Ash 

- Free People faux fur coat- here 
- Free People white long-sleeve- here 
- Free People Choker- here (similar)
- Paige denim jeans- here
- Over the knee boots- here  (similar)

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