Hi friends! I am so sorry for the absence on my blog.. I really hope the new layout can make up for it! I really do plan on posting more on a regular schedule now that the holidays are over. With 2017 being just around the corner, I am feeling so inspired and ready to take on the new year! It sounds so cliche to make new years resolutions. With the amount of gym memberships purchased at the beginning of the year and only used for a month or so, it's pretty apparent that we are all bad at keeping our new year's resolutions. I think that it's good to make resolutions. Think of your resolutions as goals that you are striving for more and more every day. I've been reading the book "You Are a Badass" by Jen Sincero. It is so inspiring and I am so excited for the new year to live my life in a more positive way! Jen talks about how each person radiates a certain frequency, either low or high, and things and other people with the same frequencies are attracted to each other. In 2017, some of my goals are to radiate a higher frequency with more positive energy! I hope that 2017 brings me a year full of positivity and spiritual growth! It's so easy to give up on your resolutions, so make yourself a list of goals instead! I hope 2017 brings you all that you want and more! Don't give up on yourself and get excited for all the good that is to come! 
Cheers to the New Year, 2017!! 
You Are a Badass- Here 
(seriously, buy this book it's so good!)

* Thank you Ali and Ariel for this super cute New Years shirt! 
ali and ariel - here 

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