Going back to school for a new school year is always very exciting and super busy. It is so easy to get caught up in bad habits at the beginning of the semester. Being a sophomore in college, I feel like I have some knowledge on good tips to have a great semester! 
1- Don't procrastinate- I know this is way easier said than done, but it really does make life so much easier when you break up your work throughout the week. We've all had our fair shares of all nighters and waiting till last minute, but if you start off on a positive note you are more likely to keep your routine going.  
2-  Don't skip class- This one is pretty self explanatory... Skipping class can become a very bad habit. There is a direct correlation with your attendance and your grade in class, trust me! Just go to class! 
3- Don't give up- Nobody is perfect! It's okay to mess up or not understand what is going on. One grade does not determine your whole semester or who you are as a person. Don't be so hard on yourself! Strive for progress and not perfection. 
4- Make friends in your classes- Making friends in your classes can help you so much! You can ask each other for help and remind each other to do your work! There have been so many instances where I forgot about an assignment and my friend from class texted me or reminded me to do it! 
5- Stay organized- If you know me, you know that I am OBSESSED with my planner and making lists. I write everything down in my planner and a list so that I won't forget! It is such a good feeling to cross things off my list and see what I've accomplished. 
These tips help me stay focused during school to accomplish my goals and do well! The most important thing to remember is to stay positive and try to have fun! School doesn't have to be all work and no fun!
If you are looking for cute and comfy clothes to study in or rock around campus check out Ali and Ariel. They specialize in Greek clothing as well as their mermaid at heart line. They also have cute accessories such as bags and super fun stickers! I love rocking a cute hat to class with a simple outfit and I am always on the hunt for cute DG things! **Thank you Ali and Ariel for collabing with me on this post.                                               
What I'm wearing- White t-shirt // Black jeans // Tory Burch Miller Sandals // Choker necklace // Mermaid hat 

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