I am constantly on the hunt for new go-to beauty products. My skin is very sensitive and I have to be careful about the products I put on it. Once or twice a week, I like to pamper myself and apply a face mask before bed. Sometimes I'll use a brightening face mask or one that moisturizes, but with all the stress of school starting back up I've needed something a little more heavy duty. I first fell in love with charcoal face masks when I started using Glam Glow. Glam Glow is a little more on the pricey side, but it is so worth it! I struggle from time to time with my skin and Glam Glow always helps with drying out my impurities and smoothing out my skin. A cheaper alternative to Glam Glow is the Que Bella Professional charcoal face mask found at Target. Charcoal face masks are good for your skin because the charcoal helps to: Decongest skin, remove toxins, brighten complexion and promote even skin tone. Charcoal is all-natural, so it wont add more chemicals to your skin when you use it. It also pulls out dirt and oils from your pores and leaves your skin feeling fresh after you wash it. Next time you want to pamper yourself, go for a charcoal face mask and watch your complexion start to glow!
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