While in LA, I stumbled upon the cutest ice cream and sweets shop! It is called Milk and they have these macaron ice cream sandwiches that are amazing! If you know me, you know that I love anything sweet- especially ice cream and macarons! There were so many different flavors to choose from like red velvet, watermelon, fruity pebbles, strawberry, thai tea, cookies and cream and more! I got a fruit loop macaron ice cream sandwich and it was so good! The ice cream inside the orange and blue macaron cookies was fruit loop flavored and the sandwich was also topped with fruit loops. My friend, Lizzy, got a scoop of strawberry sorbet in a cup and she loved hers too! We both got red velvet poppers, which are basically just bite-sized red velvet cupcakes! There are also other sweets such as cookies and other flavors of cakes to choose from too. If you're in the LA area and craving a sweet treat, I would 100% recommend Milk!

Milk has two locations on Beverly boulevard and Silver Lake Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. 

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